words about things

What follows is my subtle attempt at honesty.

I am blessed

While I am complaining about things I cannot change, this one has been building up for a long time. I live in the hole closest to the buckle in the bible belt. People here have the strangest perspective when it comes to what is known and what is believed but all those dogmatic arguments aside the one that makes me wretch and heave the hardest is the the horrible misused of the phrase "it's a blessing". To my mind, this should mean that something which could have gone terribly wrong has actually worked out OK. But...instead its used to mean "I didn't even have to try". Maybe it's just the libertarian in me but I get sick when some fucktard whose rich daddy gave him everything says "I am blessed". I'll grant it that he's trying to show humility. I appreciate that he recognizes that he has some degree of privilege but fuck me, I've got some degree of privilege because I'm a white guy in the south born in the 20th century. You won't catch me telling every black person or woman I meet that I was "blessed". That's an insult to them AND me. You aren't "blessed" because there are things for which you did not have to work. You are not "blessed" because certain things are assumed about you. A blessing is when you work you ass off to be the very, very best and when everything could go wrong, some of them don't. So, for example. I have a friend who comes from a family of fat, unhealthy people. In his teens he decided not to be a fat unhealthy person. He has worked every single day for 2 decades to control his diet and exercise and, as a result, he's an impressive human specimen. That his hard work has paid off and the remaining random chance that could have turned him into a sickly, sad, obese wretch hasn't won out; that is a blessing. Several years ago he wanted to learn steel pistol shooting. He has worked daily for years; practiced and practiced and now he's a top 10 globally ranked pistol shooter when anything could have gone wrong and stolen that from him; that is what I'd call a blessing. A blessing is when the thing you cannot control does not fuck you. It's not when the thing you didn't even know about goes your way.  Try to succeed and when you succeed you'll realize all the reasons you shouldn't have succeeded and THEN........you can count your blessings.