words about things

What follows is my subtle attempt at honesty.

dearest depression

I made a critical error the other day. I told a depressed person that they were depressed. This is on par with trying to reason with a drunk person. They are capable of hearing and understanding you; but they are incapable of acting on your advice. Now, I should point out that I am as deeply depressed as anyone you are likely to meet. I have, probably, suffered as much death, rejection and despair as any person you know but I am a tad too autistic to process it the same way as a normal, healthy person. So, I understand that I should keep my opinions to myself but I am physically incapable. I a working on that.

To the point I tried to explain to someone in the throws of depression that they would come out the other side and then have a new perspective. It didn't work. You can't reason with a drunk person and you can't encourage a depressed person. I'm sorry.