words about things

What follows is my subtle attempt at honesty.

why Health Care Reform was and is a joke.

Let me sum it up. They kept saying "health care reform" except it didn't make a f&^cking change to health care it's about health insurance and the word "reform" is a misnomer. Health care in the modern world is the finest it has ever been with more opportunities and tools to save lives than has ever existed ever. This is the golden age of medicine until the next one emerges; stop talking shit.

The reality is if I go buy a new truck they are required, by law, to show me an itemized list of every fee, tax, and charge that will be passed on to me, but if I got to the hospital for a persistent, low grade fever they have no legal or ethical reason to explain who will bill me for what or when nor do they have a standard set of rules for explaining to me what the hell is going on with me or what I can do other than taking my prescribed meds. The science is phenomenal the execution is barbaric.

For example, my last stitches cost me over $1,000 and I always take out my own stitches because I am he-beast raised to accept pain (and sympathy)

$1,000 is a small price to pay for piece of mind tho, right? It took them over 6 months to send me all my bills for those 4 stitches. Think about that.

Now, fast forward to my recent Christmas catscan following the head banging event on my bicycle and you won't be surprised to find out that I just received a notification that I must go to www.troversolutions.com to fill out some sort of form. It turns out they are company whose job it is to find out if they can sue someone on behalf of bluecross/blueshield so they don't have to pay the half of my insurance bills they were otherwise forced to pay.

I'll just let that sink in while I load up the screen shots of the questions they asked me.


"Has the patient received any treatment before or after the initial screen for an auto accident, a work related injury or illness, or any other injury that occurred on public or private property?"

Read that back to me just so I know I'm not off my rocker.

Yeah. That's what I thought.  They asked have I ever been hurt ever before. No, bitch. I'm the freaking Buddha and I've never known suffering until I read your website. Now I'll sit under this tree for 49 days until I achieve enlightenment and ascend to Nirvana.

Note to self: Do a post about bureaucracy.