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What follows is my subtle attempt at honesty.

This week in ketosis 022116.

Wow. I messed around all last week and didn’t post at all. What am I thinking going to work and taking care of my responsibilities and not typing out pointless, confusing posts about things I heard other people discussing in podcasts? Well, there’s not much to report on the ketosis front either I guess. I am down to 196#, I’m taking exogenous ketones in the morning, and checking my blood ketone level every other day. I made chili on Saturday. That’s not really interesting unless you like chili. It’s not like I used some special low carb/high fat recipe. It’s chili. Unless you’re some bean-adding-yankee there are almost no carbs in chili. The beef I used is high is saturated fats (I added a little spicy sausage to it as well but just because I had some) which is what I am looking for.

This may be the most boring post ever.

Think, Norris. What do you do to fill in space when you have no interesting content?

I know! Colorful and distracting graphs!

Quick note: For those who do not know I'm following the basic calculations from ketogenic-diet-resouce.com  It breaks down like this: 1 gram protein per Kg desired body weight, 10% carbs/20% protein/70% fat.

This first chart plots my caloric intake for the last month. I put the carb/protein/fat on here for reference but keep in mind they are not the same units. I am looking for a correlation between at peaks and valleys. I notice that my calorie trend line is going up and the days my calories are highest are also the days my fat intake is the highest. My caloric intake tends to be higher on the weekends when I get to ride my bicycle and work out. A noticeable exception is the 11th when the boss brought us fresh ground hamburger patties and I ate (4). Over all I take the trend line as a sign that I've finally figured out how to get calories from healthy fat sources like coconut oil and whipping cream.

This next one shows my carb intake. The spike on the 5th was homemade tamales, on the 7th it was french fries at the movies, and the 21rst was me eating saltines with my chili. Despite that my carbs are trending almost flat at the calculated level.

My protein is trending down but I don't mind because I've been exceeding the calculated levels over and over. I may finally be getting a handle on that as well.

See? My fat intake is trending up. I felt a natural apprehension about this but I am still losing weight and I am able to ride my bicycle for hours and exercise with no fatigue or weakness. In fact, I feel stronger than ever most days.

And finally my ketone levels. I check my blood glucose levels the first thing in the morning before breakfast every other day, this may not be representative of my level fluctuations throughout the day but it should give me consistent data points to compare. sadly, I only have ~2 weeks worth of data so I'll update this tomorrow when I do my next reading. The trend line should be ignored until I get more readings.

So, there you go. I've gotten a lot of flak from people about making a spreadsheet to chart my ketosis but I love it. I wish I had started this when I cut all the sugar last August. I'd love to have 6 months of data to plot now. I feel like this pure ketogenic diet is not quite for me. I want my fruits back and I'd love to dump my meat on a bed of rice or pasta again. I'll keep monitoring things and in a couple months I'll modify my diet again until I find something that makes me happy and healthy.