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What follows is my subtle attempt at honesty.

This week in ketosis 021416

Before I start, I went to see Deadpool today. Whether you are or were a comic book fan this movie kicked ass. They did a great job with the snarky, cynical, raunchy humor and they weren’t afraid of the 4th wall at all. Great job to everyone involved in making it and to everyone else, give this film your money! That being said, don’t take the kids. There’s a strip club scene that’s quite 1980’s T&A. After the movie, as I was leaving the theater, there was a family ahead of me with a young girl probably 10 or 12 tears old who was telling her mom that the stripper scene was no big deal because “the internet has destroyed my brain already” This was a reply to her mom asking her why she didn’t turn her head when it came on

I could make the argument that the internet hasn’t “destroyed her brain” but forced it to deal. I could explain to her mother (who is about my age) that when her grandparents were this girl's age and a family member died, they laid the dead person out on the kitchen table in their house for all the family, friends, and neighbors to come see. Has your daughter ever seen a dead person IRL? Answer: No. But there were dozens of corpses in this movie and you didn’t expect her to turn her head for those. Likewise, nudity just a couple generations ago was treated very differently depending on the cause or conditions. I won’t spend too much time on this since it offends many more sensitive sensibilities, but let’s just agree that the issue wasn’t naked women it was WHY they were naked. There’s a difference between a great depression era family having to make the hot water last on bathing day and 20-nothing females with fake tits working in a strip club for tips and (quite often) drugs. As a father of a girl I would chalk this up to “we need to have a talk about the reality of the world around you” Hopefully that’s what happened and hopefully, next time, this mother will read a freaking review before she takes her pubescent kid to a movie with dozens of f-bomb’s in it. {He said as if he doesn’t drop the F-bomb in public in front of other people’s kids all the f&^king time}

Now back to our show:

Ketosis is going well. I got a blood monitor and despite a carb-loading last Sunday I am doing well. I was .3mmol on Wednesday and .6mmol on Friday (that’s measured before the evening meal at least 3 hours since eating or exercising). I know that’s not uber-high but it’s high enough to work and I am establishing a real base line.

I have been drinking water based on thirst. I was thirsty as Hell in the middle of the week and wouldn’t you know it my weight went up a little over a pound after that.

I am in love with cooking with coconut oil. I won’t waste time with links but coconut oil is so completely saturated that you can crank up the heat and cook anything you want without breaking it down into oxidized oils. I’m rubbing it on fish and meat and using it to sauté my veggies. I was raised with olive oil and love to cook with it, but I often over heat it. Now I mostly just dump it on salads and wraps (I use lavash bread for wraps which I also love).

I ate the hell out of buttered veggies this week (broccoli and asparagus). I love that too.

Can you feel the love? Then don't read my previous post.

Did I mention I haven’t smoked in 3 weeks? Did I mention I smoke? Well, I smoke cigars. Who can blame me? I was born to smokers in the hay-day of smoking. I can guarantee you my father was smoking the first time he held me. My mother smoked while breast feeding. They smoked when we went to the grocery store, school plays, grandma’s house, before meals, during meals, and after meals. Everyone smoked all the time. My friends in high school all smoked (half of them smoked in middle school). I refused to smoke because I’m a contrarian. But once I was free of all those people I messed around and developed a love of wonderful, sweet, strong, hand rolled, maduro cigars. mmMMMmmm So, yes ladies, I drink bourbon, smoke cigars, drive a 4-wheel-drive pick-up truck and shoot guns because I am a manly Texas man and there’s no one in my life to tell me not to! That being said, last year I had some dental work done and cigars aggravated my gums so I cut back to only smoking once or twice a week. It made a big difference. This month I cut back to no cigars per week. When I want one, I’ll smoke one, but my daily smoking days are behind me. Just like if I want pasta or rice, I’ll eat pasta or rice but eating it every night is behind me.

I am building a new routine and it feels good. It’s got my attention and it motivates me.

just FYI: my latest ketone blood test is 1.2