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What follows is my subtle attempt at honesty.

My ketogenic kickoff

Sunday I had some extra protein (in the form of surprise chicken) and got plenty of sleep because this is the week I'm going to try to get into ketosis! Although, not in the most hardcore sense. For example, I refuse to do long term fasts. 12-18 hours is all I can stomach (so to speak) without good cause. Also, I have not planned to take any supplements like CMT powder. But maybe I'm showing my ignorance. I've been on a very low carb diet for almost 5 months and I thought it would be no problem to go ketogenic.

Problem: Like a moron I thought I'd just modify my diet in my head like I'd been doing for total carbs and calories. I've been paying close attention to simple vs complex sugars and especially dietary fiber, but balancing protein and fat ratios requires a deeper understanding of my diet so.....I made a spreadsheet. (Hooray!)

Quick note: I've been using ketogenic-diet-resource.com for all the handy rules, guidelines and pointers. I went to google and my kitchen to round up the food info. I will adjust these values as I get more information.

This first chart is a reference of what I've been eating up until Monday. At the top you can see I've used the 10/20/70 formula from ketogenic-diet-resource.com by calculating the protein I'll require at my target weight. (this weight is about 15# lighter than I am now and 5 # lighter than I had initially planned, but hey, let's see if this thing has a healthy floor on it.)


This next chart is how I might change my existing diet to meet the carb & protein requirements of the estimated ketogenic diet.

chart 2

Obviously fat is an issue, I'll get to that in a minute but first: How did I do on day #1? meh.

chart 3

Today is day #2 and I started out with what felt like was a plan but then I put this spreadsheet together and realized I should have done the spreadsheet first.

chart 4

I fear that getting the level of proper fats for this diet is going to require a radical change and we hates changes don'ts we, Precious? I am proceeding with care and reading more about what I am trying to do. The real lesson of today is I should have done this before I changed my diet last August. It would be cool to have all those numbers about which foods I ate and what resulted in weight loss and when. Think of the awesome charts I could have made! Oh well.