words about things

What follows is my subtle attempt at honesty.

haven't posted in a while let's see what's up

Well, I'm still at the same job, living in the same house, eating mostly meat with a few veggies and nothing much has changed. That's actually the point of this post. Tonight I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some salmon on sale and some steaks but at the check out the cashier lady pulls up[ a game board and a pamphlet of instructions and says "I'll explain this in a minute". I wanted to reply, "please don't" but I was still hoping to escape without major human interaction. Once she'd rung me up and I'd paid she had to put on her reading glasses to give me the "game pieces" and tried to explain how I collect the blah blah blah and all you have to do is and I said

"Please don't. I won't use them. It's one more thing I have to throw away."

She played it off as normal and let me go without further molestation but I want to use these few words to explain that it's horribly insulting to be a patron of a store and be forced into "just do blah blah blah for your reward for being our patron" Screw you, Brookshires. INfact, screw everyone whose business model says "you are important because you spend money here and we want to thank you and reward you for your loyalty....just do one more thing for us." Sure, I'll just go one step deeper into the melee of pseudo-gregarious human bullshit that everyone is OK with so what's wrong with me? Bastards. You already make me swipe a card so you can (presumably) know when I come to your store, what I buy and how I pay. Use that fucking info to offer me more of what I want at better prices. Stop trying to make me do more for you! I travel to where you are, chose from your wares and pay you for them. We're even.

It genuinely hurts my feelings to be asked to do one more thing for a company that I already support in a town where there's no competition. It's insulting to have to beg some poor person who's only doing their job to please leave me alone and know that they are judged by their employers by how hard they pressure me into playing their game, entering the promo code, clicking their link or swiping their card.

I don't know what to do about it but that's what's bothering me tonight.