words about things

What follows is my subtle attempt at honesty.

catching up, first week of July

I've been writing a lot lately but not posting it.

Occasionally I think that someone is reading my blog and wondering "why doesn't he say something?"

So, I tell you what, imaginary readers, I'm going to set a daily writing goal for this blog. I'll work out the details as I go.

Let's see what to put in this one.

It's almost a year since I quit sugar, syrup and simple carbs. I filled a large trash can with stuff from my pantry yesterday. That made me uneasy at first but once it was loaded in my truck, I began to feel much better.

I took over a week off from my bicycle. I was pushing hard, feeling more than sore, and the weather was getting really hot. This week I got back on it and I feel great (once I pushed through the initial soreness) I rode 40+ miles non-stop on Saturday. Today I rode to work and back. The heat index was 103F for the ride home and I feel un-freaking-believably great tonight. Make of that what you will but the words "micro-stresses" come to mind.

I went to the nature preserve on Sunday and caught some cool water snakes (Genus Nerodia).



I watched some cool movies and TV shows including letterkenny which I must watch again as it's loaded with crazy characters and dialogue. I also started the live-action , Japanese language version of Attack on Titan. I'm not a big anime fan but I do watch all that I come across and some of it is really good. (Like One punch man)

There's lots more going on in my life. Some makes me feel good, some makes me feel bad but what I need to say here is I have to make time to write each day and post as much as I am comfortable with.

I'll end with this: tonight on twitter I saw the following two posts in order:

I'm not sure about the political opinions and personal details of each of these people's posts. Phil Plat seems to be pretty pro-Hillary but the original quote is donal trump linking to a disney ad. I feel like Debby might be very anti-Hillary but that doesn't mean she's for trump, she might mean "how can both these people be so moronic?" I'm not sure. But, as a test, I gave each post the same response: "I just ran a google image search for "sheriff's badge". Very anti-semitic. I better vote for the bad guy."

Their replies may help me understand the similarities of their political mechanisms. I'll keep you posted if things unfold.