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What follows is my subtle attempt at honesty.

what's wrong with your wikipedia links?

I recently did a post with a ton of links in it, many of them to Wikipedia (I know many of you have opinions about that) and it didn't occur to me until around link 6 or 7 that I don't link directly to Wikipedia because I use something called wikiwand.

I have been cruising the internet since the mid-90's. I cut my teeth clicking random forum-based links and when things like Google finally solidified I was one of those first people to chase every information rabbit hole he could find. I was pouring through the CIA world fact book when the wikipedia guys were still hosting porn in Chicago (you might want to check me on that)

The point is, wikipedia is a fantastic, quick resource for general knowledge but the page format leaves much to be desired (or it did a couple years ago when I switched to wikiwand). 

I have no sponsors and I get to kick backs, but do yourself a favor and reconsider how you experience wikipedia.

Now, can someone explain to me why I need a podcast playing app? I don't stream anything, I play everything from already downloaded mp3's and I don't listen while my hands are free to click links. So why do people keep bitching at me for using google play?