words about things

What follows is my subtle attempt at honesty.

This week was so frustrating

Tomorrow is Friday. Most of the working world looks forward to it as the end of the working week but I lament it as the day I realize all the things I did not get done.

Granted I did a few things.

#1 I scoured through 18 years of files to compile records of machine purchases from bygone eras. When I was almost done I was told were not needed. It's OK didn't have anything else to do. #theydontpaymeenough

#2 I ran into an old friend/cracked-out lesbian and her what-have-I-gotten-myself-into new girlfriend while just trying to buy gas to get me home. I wish I could say we had a nice talk but we had the same talk we have every time we meet. She's trying to recover from some previous bad experience and trying to be a better person. I like that she has a good attitude and I like that she's getting better, but I'm constantly bothered that she had to get so bad. On the flip side she's a hoot to go to the bar with and she curses worse than I do.

#3 My ex-wife left her husband of 14+ years (whom I introduced her to over the internet) to move back to town at the same exact time as historic flooding hit the area in which I work and live. It's so flooded right now that she can't get to the little cabin she's renting so she's stuck staying with her brother for now.  Everything she owns is in her car but she has a plan for what she wants to accomplish and a can-do attitude. Her future is ahead of her! (she'll be portrayed by Katherine Heigl in the made-for-TV drama out this fall).

Do any of those sound like a good story? Well they shouldn't. Why? Because they lack that one magic human component that makes anything worth talking about: imagination. The thing that makes us care about the hero and hate the bad guy and root for the underdog and hold our breath when it looks like all is lost even though we know it will all be OK in the end. These are the same stories each of you have to tell about the people in your life (if you'd look honestly at the people in your life).

Oh well. I'll end with a couple unrelated things:

Recently Joe Rogan posted a well meaning poetic sentiment on instagram/twitter and one of his followers, a former navy seal/hero of mine named jocko willink posted the following:

That resonates with me. I have been in manufacturing for almost 20 years and I DO look forward to the war with the robots. I feel I understand their motivations. Good luck robots. We're going to dismantle you.

One final note for tonight: I was asked to design a battering ram for the Texas Rangers (law enforcement not baseball) to use on their new MRAP and here's what I have so far. I'll post more as it becomes available.

We'll see what they approve.