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What follows is my subtle attempt at honesty.

you do the math #1

This week saw a historic powerball lottery of $1.3billion! (hooray?)

Hold up! Let's do the math.

The power ball was split between 3 winners.
The US government got 40% or $520,000,000
The winners got $260,000,000 each (which seems like a lot until you consider that it's not enough to build a gas station in Iraq but it could give thousands of gas stations to Iraqis in the US [/racism]

In the first quarter of 2016 (October-December 2015) the federal gov't collected $765,000,000,000 in taxes (count the zeros and you'll realize that this is or 15X what they got from their share of the power ball lottery) let's consider that they spent $981,200,000,000 leaving us a deficit of $216,000,000,000.
That's the equivalent of taxes on 415 lotteries from before Halloween to New Years. That's like giving 703,614 people winning power ball tickets last week.

Did 3 people win or did 703,611 people lose?

I'm a cynical f&^ker so guess what I think.