words about things

What follows is my subtle attempt at honesty.

the happy duck

Gather round children and answer uncle Norris' question:

Does this look like a happy duck?

OK. I'll assume you have answered by now and I'll now tell you why you are wrong.

#1 this is a goose. The domestic duck, like the chicken, came from south east Asia. The domestic goose is a totally western development that was the staple of ridiculous post-roman christian holidays until the turkey was discovered in "the new world"

#2 this is as pissed-off as a goose can get. This one is sitting on a nest full of eggs and she did not like me taking her picture.  If you want to see other really pissed off creatures check out the stop a douchebag channel on youtube.

Back to the point: Humans suffer from something called anthropomorphism. We just LOOOOVE to think that all living things are hairy/feathery/scaly people. The real problem is that we can't imagine that WE share traits with OTHER CREATURES. We have a hominid-centric view of life and Walt Disney makes a shit-ton of $$ selling that idea back to us.

So, this week I want you to make a point to look at some non-human animals around you, consider the reality of their actions, and think not about how THEY are like YOU but about how YOU are like THEM. You are a tool box full of tools, they are just a screw driver or a hammer or a bezelling planisher (look it up you tool-illiterate hipsters).

Post Script:

Attention DINKS: YOUR DOGS ARE NOT CHILDREN! (but they are kind of close if you learn about how tribal/pack organization influences social status.)